ReigningIt is building an inclusive, caring community of support for women in STEM. Our story-sharing platform celebrates the hard-fought successes that unrelenting determination brings. Together, we are closing the gender gap in STEM by building a strong, empowered network of mentorship and support system to reign our lives.


ReigningIt is inspiring the next generation of women to delve into STEM. We are creating an inclusive community and honest dialogue about the many applications of STEM in every area of interest. We are working to close the equity and gender gap and encourage equal access to STEM.


ReigningIt is building a safe, supportive community of support where women feel empowered to connect and open up with one another.


ReigningIt is a collective change agent. Our story-sharing platform, advocacy, roundtable discussions, workshops, mentorship networks and more provide an environment of continual personal growth.


ReigningIt nourishes an environment of continual growth via events, roundtables, workshops, mentorship, and more.


Since launching in October 2015, ReigningIt has featured nearly 500 inspiring, diverse women in STEM. Their stories offer a unique opportunity to identify challenges women in STEM still face, celebrate their accomplishments, and to rally together to make the path to STEM more accessible for the next generation of women.

ReigningIt is founded by Angela Cleveland, using her expertise and experience in education and technology, passion for supporting women and other under-represented groups in STEM, and her drive to increase diversity in the STEM fields.

ReigningIt is ultimately a call to action: What problems do you want to solve? How can we use technology to make our world a better place? How can you have a sustainable, fulfilling career in your area of interest?

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ReigningIt is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization

EIN 82-3276700

ReigningIt is a professional organization for people who identify as female regardless of gender assignment at birth or legal recognition. This includes people who are legally assigned to the female sex, who identify as transgender or gender fluid, and also allies who want to engage in advocacy without promoting institutional misogyny or reinforcing social constructs that inhibit the ideals of equity, access, and inclusion.

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ReigningIt is a nonprofit 501(c)(3)